Spirits of the Tsars

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The Golden Age of Vodka

Power, wealth, luxury…such was the life of the Russian Tsars. As it was then, it is now for today’s Elite! Six hundred years of vodka production resulted with one recipe so rich, smooth, and complex it could only belong to the Tsars. Nearly lost to the ages, this rare and unobtainable elixir has been rediscovered to resurrect the Spirits of the Tsars. Its mystical quality has its origin in the hand-picked fruit leaves in harmony with pure spring water from the most fertile southern region of Olde Russia, now the Ukraine. Those same ingredients are what make Spirits of the Tsars an experience unlike any other. Savor what few have, and raise your glass as we raise the Spirits of the Tsars!

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“Raise your Glass as we Raise the Spirits of the Tsars!”

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VodkaBuzz Review Excerpt, August 2012

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